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Some women need just one session to get better, but some need regular hands-on treatment throughout their pregnancy as the corrections cannot be maintained because of normal loose ligaments and the growing baby. If you have had pain for a long time, your muscles may pull your joints back out of alignment (compensation) which is why the treatment may make you feel better at first, but it gradually gets worse again over the next few days. Do not despair if this happens to you. It sometimes takes some time to work out why these compensations are happening and stop them, so persist with treatment. Some women find that they can maintain the corrections with home exercises. Postnatally, you need to carry on with treatment until you are back to normal. This takes varying lengths of time.

As with other activities, if a treatment or exercise increases your pain, it is usually not helping.  Pain is known to stop the muscles from working properly.  This is known as inhibition.

We are often contacted by women who have been given lists of exercises that hurt and have continued to do them for months, and can’t understand why they are not getting better. This is because the pain and/or the incorrect joint alignment and compensatory muscle pull stops the muscles from working properly (inhibition of muscles). So you usually need some manual treatment to make sure the joints are working together properly before you start on exercises. Pain relief can also really help here as it allows you to function more normally and lets the muscles start to work again – just don't overdo it! However, pain like the normal muscle tiredness after an exercise class is fine.

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