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There are all sorts of complementary therapies available, and many women try these and do experience some short-term relief of the symptoms of pain. However, if your pain is caused by stiffness in one side of your pelvis it is unlikely to get better just by using temporary pain-relieving techniques. Complementary therapies alone do not address the cause of pain. If you have to choose between spending money on manual therapy and complementary therapy, you are likely to get more long-lasting relief from manual therapy; if you can afford both, great!

Treatment for emotional symptoms.

Women often feel low as a result of the constant pain and it is important to ask for help with this if you need it.

If you find that you are feeling low, it is worth asking for help. Your GP or health visitor may be able to refer you for counselling, or just talking to them about it may help if they are understanding and supportive. (The other aspect that is being more recognised is antenatal depression, and you have a higher chance of experiencing this if you have a difficult pregnancy. Both antenatal and postnatal depression are very treatable and the sooner you ask for help, the sooner you will get the treatment you need.) Counselling can also help to relieve the cycle of chronic pain.


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