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Other useful links and organisations

Organisations that can support you during pregnancy and beyond

Treatment options

General pregnancy information about your choices

Birth support

Equipment provision

Support and information about your care needs

Organisations supporting parents with disabilities

If you have had a difficult birth experience you may find support at:

Finding options for exercise in pregnancy with PGP

National Guidelines on PGP

Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Women's Health: 2007 - National PGP Guidelines: www.acpwh.org.uk

Practitioners' version:

Patients' version:

European guidelines on PGP


Support the Pelvic Partnership by logging on to:

  • www.buy.at/pelvicpartnership - You can buy products from well-known brands at normal prices, and they will give a percentage to the Pelvic Partnership.
  • www.easyfundraising.org.uk does the same, but you have to register with the site first, which is a quick process - just choose the Pelvic Partnership as your charity.
  • www.everyclick.org.uk - If you are searching the internet and use this site as your homepage, we get a proportion of the total money raised. Every little helps us produce more leaflets and spread the word more about PGP.

Counselling and Emotional Support

Alternative and Complementary Therapies


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