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PGP is usually a mechanical problem, so it will usually get better with manual therapy.

You can use an NHS physiotherapist or, if this is not available, there are many private alternatives. It is important to find a therapist with experience in treating PGP with manual or ‘hands-on’ techniques. It is also important not to give up if the first physiotherapist you see is unable to treat you effectively. Unfortunately, it often takes persistence to find a knowledgeable practitioner.

Since it is a mechanical problem, like anyone else with joint pain, you should try to find some treatment. There are various routes to this:

  • You can ask to be referred to an experienced therapist who has undertaken extra training to learn to treat PGP. This may be a women’s health physiotherapist or the outpatient physiotherapist at your local hospital.
  • You may wish to try your local sports injury clinic where you can ask to speak to the physiotherapist who specialises in pelvic joint problems to discuss whether they have relevant experience.
  • You can contact your local osteopath or chiropractor – again, check that they have experience in treating pelvic joint problems.
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