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After you have had your baby, you can start treatment as soon as you feel able to visit your therapist. This may be a few days if you have had a difficult birth or caesarian section, but the traditional view that you needed to wait six weeks until your hormones had settled down is now receding (as we know, it is a mechanical problem, so our hormones are not going to change things much). Keep asking for treatment or review, or second opinions if your progress is not steady. In an ideal world you will make continual progress, hopefully fairly rapidly, until you are fully recovered and able to do everything you could do before you became pregnant. If this progress is not happening there are several possible reasons, such as:

  • You are not receiving the right treatment; find the right treatment as soon as possible.
  • You are receiving the right treatment but your individual problem is being a bit elusive; discuss this with your therapist and think about the options of a second opinion. Some people view this as failure but, in fact, it is the sign of a good therapist who is being reflective in their practice and who is committed to getting the best for you, and should be encouraged to do so. 
  • You are overdoing things at home, dashing around trying to be supermum; try to slow down and be realistic about what you can and cannot do. If you make a quick recovery you will be able to do all those things sooner and without pain, rather than trying to do too much and struggling for some time, and thus making a slower recovery.
  • You may have a more structural joint problem that needs further investigation through MRI scans or stork X-rays – discuss this possibility with your therapist and arrange for any necessary investigations to be carried out.
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