Home birth

PGP does not mean that you cannot have a home birth. In lots of ways it is an ideal choice and if you are very immobile, it can be much easier to be in a familiar place, with any equipment you need available without having to ask for it. You will be able assess and deal with any mobility and access problems prior to labour and you can have people you are close to at hand to help you with your care and the baby’s care after the birth.

You also have all the usual benefits of home birth, such as not splitting up your family on your first night and having your partner with you to help instead of being sent home when visiting time ends.

You can hire a pool for a home water birth (and use this as pain relief in the days before you go into labour) or just give birth on dry land, and where you like within your house.

"My home birth was the most positive of all my birth experiences. Being in my own environment made me feel at ease and seemed to reduce the intensity of the pain, and being able to snuggle up in bed with my husband and new baby and sharing her first hours knowing that he was staying with us, not leaving us alone in hospital, was really special."

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Content reviewed and updated in 2017.