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PGP presents many day-to-day challenges in looking after yourself, your family and your home, as well as managing work and leisure time. This section has been written by women with PGP to give some practical suggestions for making life easier.

Some of the obstacles presented by PGP can be overcome by borrowing, hiring or buying equipment and, as with many things, it is easier to manage if you can afford to pay for help with housework, childcare etc. However, many people are not in a situation where they can do this, and the suggestions below reflect this, ranging from things that you can do if you can afford the extras, to places to go to borrow or hire equipment.

Make use of anything that anyone offers in terms of help at home, doing some shopping, looking after older children etc, as it all helps. Accepting assistance can be difficult, as you may want to be as independent as possible. It can be useful to look at PGP as a short-term disability, which will get better faster the less physical activity you have to do. Therefore, accepting offers of assistance will really help in the longer term, as well as making daily life less painful and more manageable. Also, you may well be able to ‘give back’ later by helping someone else.

Recognise your limits and modify your expectations so that you are achieving what you want to do rather than failing to do what someone else can do.

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