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  • Reduce the amount of strain on your pelvis by planning your day so that you don’t have to go up and down stairs too many times (if at all), particularly carrying your baby. Use crutches around the house where necessary or practical. Make the most of your partner before he leaves in the morning and friends during the day to move and carry things for you, make cups of tea/lunch etc.
  • Use a backpack to help carry things upstairs and downstairs. Plan the day ahead. Limit trips by planning what you will need to get through the day or night. 
  • Have a changing station upstairs and downstairs to avoid having to climb stairs several times a day carrying the baby. 
  • Flasks and cool boxes are useful if you are going to be alone for long periods of time and are not able to carry things around the kitchen to make yourself food and drinks. 
  • Keep a basket of snacks (fruit, cereal bars, long-life drinks, water etc) upstairs. This can be very useful to prevent extra trips downstairs when you could otherwise rest. 
  • Keep a flask by the bed for a drink for yourself, perhaps whilst waiting for painkillers to work before you get out of bed. 
  • Ask your partner to bring your breakfast up in the morning so you can spend as much time as you need upstairs. 
  • A cordless phone or an extension means you can keep the phone close to you.
  • Shopping on-line. This can be hard work at first, but eventually saves time and effort. The delivery drivers will usually bring the food right into your kitchen; it helps to arrange for someone to be at home to unpack the bags for you when they arrive. 
  • Cooking can be difficult if standing is painful. You can use a perching stool in the kitchen, which prevents your having to stand for long. 
  • Cleaning is often difficult. If you can, get a cleaner, or accept any offers of help with cleaning, ironing etc. You can iron sitting down, but the sideways movement can still be painful. Ironing can be limited to work and formal clothes. As long as clothes are folded as soon as they are dry, most do not need ironing. 
  • Modify your standards to the level your PGP allows - your house does not have to be spotless. It is more important that you are comfortable and recovering quickly by resting. 
  • A raised toilet seat allows you to use the toilet without bending too far forwards to sit down or stand up. 
  • A claw or ‘helping hand’ will enable you to pick up things from the floor. 
  • The OT can also alter the height of your sofa or armchair or provide a board to make it more comfortable. The same can be done with beds. 
  • Nearly-new sales can be a great source of extra baby equipment at very reasonable prices.
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