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It helps if your family and friends know about your PGP and how it is affecting you.

Try showing them some information from this website. Think of imaginative ways to ask for what you need rather than leaving them to guess what you want.


Make sure the people at the nursery, playgroup or school your child attends understand what’s going on at home as they may find it alters the child’s behaviour. They can be upset or worried by all that’s happening. It is helpful to have a plan for someone else to collect your child from school or nursery if you are not able to.


Now is when you find out who they are! People often offer to help and are flattered to be asked. Do not feel you have to repay help straight away. You are going to have plenty of time and opportunities when you are better, and also the chance to help other people if you want to. Write a list of those people who have offered help; you do forget and most of them genuinely mean it. It also helps to balance the support of those more dependable folk so you don’t feel you are overburdening one or two people. It can help to have a list of things that need to be done pinned up by the front door/in the kitchen, e.g. put a load of washing on, empty the bins, ironing, tidying up, etc. If someone comes round who would like to help, they can easily find out what would be useful rather than always having to offer, or you always having to ask.

NCT or other parents’ organisations.

These can be a good way of meeting other mothers and getting support www.nctpregnancyandbabycare.com

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