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Remember that you are not the only person who has PGP - it can help to meet and talk to other women with PGP who are experiencing similar problems. You will find that they feel the same.

If you need help, ask for what you need. Do not feel you have to justify your needs to other people. You should not feel guilty for making your needs known.

There are many different sources of help but for most of them you need to ask for help directly.

Pain and immobility can affect you emotionally as well as physically, and at times it can be hard to remain positive when you have PGP. It can affect your ability to look after yourself and your family, which is very frustrating. PGP can stir up a lot of difficult thoughts and feelings - you may feel that you are a burden to your family and friends, and you may feel guilty about having the condition. You may feel ambivalent about the baby and question whether you should have become pregnant in the first place.

You should not feel guilty or inadequate for having PGP - it is not your fault. It can be helpful to imagine that it is your best friend who has PGP, not you - would you be as hard on her as you are on yourself? It can be hard to admit that you need help, but do ask for what you need.

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