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Please click on the Donate button in the logo area above.

Donating will make a big difference to the work we can do to help women with PGP. We are all volunteer mums and every penny we receive goes towards the following projects:
• Running and organising courses on how to treat PGP - for physios and similar practitioners.
• Running and organising conferences on the latest developments.
• Lobbying government to change NHS protocol.
• Writing, designing and printing newsletters, booklets and leaflets about PGP.
• Running support groups for women with PGP and their friends and families.
• This website.
• Administration (sending out newsletters, booklets and information about PGP).

You can buy products from well-known brands such as Amazon, Next, M&S, at normal prices, and they will give a percentage to the Pelvic Partnership.

If you are searching the internet and use this site as your homepage, we get a proportion of the total money raised divided by the number of registered users and the number of sites they visit. Every little helps us produce more leaflets and spread the word more about PGP.

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