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The Pelvic Partnership runs occasional conferences about the management and treatment of PGP in different parts of the UK and Ireland. These are attended by physiotherapists, midwives, osteopaths, chiropractors, GPs and obstetricians, and other health professionals caring for women with PGP as well as women with PGP.  Summaries of these conferences have been written for our newsletters:

Thames Valley University: 2005: SPD Update Conference

Belfast 2007: The Modern Pelvis

Dublin 2008: PGP: a Dynamic Approach

Oxon 2011: The latest solutions fortreating PGP

A big thank you to all our delegates and sponsors that were a part of the Oxon 2011 conferences!
The Pelvic Partnership Team

Many therapists do extra training to improve their treatment of PGP.  These include:

  • Workshops for physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors looking at the assessment, and treatment of the sacro-iliac and symphysis pubis joints
  • Workshops for midwives, antenatal teachers, doulas, health visitors and anyone else involved in supporting women during pregnancy and birth and postnatally.  The workshops look at the management and support of women with PGP during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

For more information on workshops visit www.spdworkshops.org.uk
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